Chronology of my life

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Born December 30, 1981 at a Naval Hospital in Chierry Point, NC

approx. 6 months later Parents and I moved to Quantico Marine Corps Base, VA

1982  family and I moved to Okinawa, Japan

October 28, 1983 younger sister, Naomi, born in Naval Hospital in Okinawa, Japan

summer of 1985 family and I moved back to Quanitico Marine Corps Base, VA

1986-87 attended preschool at Miss. Seamoore’s Preparatory School in Northern VA

summer of 1987 family and I moved to Mayport, FL

1987-88 attended kindergarten at private Catholic school that also had an after school daycare program

summer of 1988 family and I moved to Quantico Marine Corps Base, VA but this time my family purchased a home in Dale City, VA approximately twenty minutes north of Quantico, VA

1988-89 attended first grade at Enterprise Elementary School; day care provider was a mother that lived close to the school

1989-90 attend second grade at Enterprise Elementary School; day care provider was local church down the street from the Enterprise Elementary School- Christ the King after school daycare program

1990-91 attended third grade at Enterprise Elementary School; day care provider was Minnieland

1991-92 attended fourth grade at Enterprise Elementary School; day care provider was a new Boys and Girls Club that had opened close to home

summer of 1992 family and I moved to Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base, CA thirty minutes north of San Diego, CA

1992-93 attended fifth grade at Mary Pendleton Elementary School, Camp Pendleton, CA; day care provider was local on-base youth center system

1993-94 attended sixth grade at Mary Pendleton Elementary School, Camp Pendleton, CA; day care provider remained on-base youth center system

1994-95 attend seventh grade at James Potter Junior High School, Fallbrook, CA; day care provider remained on-base youth center system; played lots of basketball

summer of 1995 family and I moved back to house in Dale City, VA (the house was never sold, just rented)

1995-96 attended eighth grade at Stuart Beville Middle School; won first mile run; did middle school sports (football, wrestling, track)

April 1, 1996 received acceptance into Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology magnet school in Falls Church, VA

1996-97 attended freshman year of high school at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, Falls Church, VA; lettered in indoor and outdoor track

summer of 1997 family and I moved to Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base, CA

1997-98 attended sophomore year of high school at Fallbrook High School, Fallbrook, CA; lettered in  cross country and  outdoor track and field

summer of 1998 took class in Object Oriented Programming in C++ at Palomar Community College and volunteered at local Naval Hospital

1998-99 attended junior year of high school at Fallbrook High School, Fallbrook, CA; lettered in cross country and outdoor track and field; district cross country champion

summer of 1999 took Precalculus and Trigonometry at Palomar Community College and volunteered at Fallbrook Community Center Children’s Summer Camp

1999-00 attended senior year of high school at Fallbrook High School, Fallbrook, CA; lettered in cross country and outdoor track and field

November or December, 1999 accepted into Brown University

April 1, 2000 accepted into the University of Virginia, Yale University, and University of Pennsylvania

June, 2000 spoke as one of at-large speakers at high school graduation

summer of 2000 worked at on base Golf Course Pro Shop

2000-01 attended freshman year of college at Brown University, Providence, RI

summer of 2001 family and I moved to home in Dale City, VA (still had not been sold, just rented)

January, 2002 dropped out of Brown University, Providence, RI, and returned to family’s home in Dale City, VA

January, 2002, started working at the Movie Gallery in Lake Ridge, VA

summer of 2003 family and I moved to Fredericksburg, VA after finally selling Dale City, VA home

November, 2003 transfered to Dumfris, VA Movie Gallery store location to help with store’s clean up

March, 2005  after manager quits, take over and begin to manage temporarily store location only to find out soon afterwards that it would be one of the first stores in the area to close down and have a liquidation sale

May, 2005 successfully closed store and ran liquidation sale; transfered to store location in Stafford, VA

August, 2005 after almost being transferred to run another store closing, transferred  to store location in Montclair, VA to manage store until permanent management could be trained

January, 2006 took over Montclair, VA location after store manager quit

January – July, 2006 managed Montclair, VA store location until suitable replacement could be found

July, 2006 transferred to Ferry Farm, VA store location and managed location for a month while store manager was trained

end of September, 2006 management protege officially promoted to store manager

December, 2006 decided to return to school and began discussions with Germanna Community College about a possible return

January, 2007 began taking classes at Germanna Community College

May, 2007 accepted into University of Mary Washington and started taking summer session classes at UMW

August, 2007 graduated from  Germanna Community College with an associates degree in Business Administration and an associates degree in Liberal Arts

August, 2007 starting taking classes as a full-time undergraduate student at UMW

I included these events in the chronology of my life because growing up I always thought of my life as being the series of school years that I had completed.  I never thought of things as happening during a certain year, but when I was in a certain grade.  The same goes for what place I was living in at the time except it was always more of a secondary means of classification.  Otherwise, I have included a few of the more memorable moments of my life, although I, unfortunately, can not honestly say that they are the most memorable.

Chronology is the backbone of historical narrative.  It is the context within which history is written and the principle means through which a reader can make sense of the historical narrative.

Primary Source vs. Secondary Source Research

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While I was doing my literature review, I noticed that the most useful sources used a lot of primary sources.  The less useful sources used mostly secondary sources.  As a matter of fact they usually had the same structure as the so-called research papers that I used to do in other classes.  I am not entirely sure how I will use secondary sources in my main research paper.  I am still somewhat afraid  to paraphrase anything because I am scared that I will still plagiarize the author’s diction and tone.  On the other hand, the only way to use a secondary source is to paraphrase; so what am I to do?  I am tempted to say that I shall go it alone and use only primary sources for my paper, and only use secondary sources when I am discussing the historiography of my topic.  Unfortunately, this reasoning sounds so manly that, well, only Theodore Roosevelt could pull it off.  And I don’t have a barrel chest.  And although being shot is still cool, I don’t want to be shot either.  But I digress.  How am I going to integrate secondary sources into my main research?  I still have this idea in my head that they are what has already been done, the mistaken attempts by previous historians to do what I am about to do.  At least in theory anyway.  Why would I want to use their ideas?  Sure one should know the history of history.  But actually use it to describe history?  What sense could that make?

Which is which?

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The first post is false. One of my friends/allies managed a store location that was repeatedly robbed. She, herself, was robbed at gunpoint twice and so were one or two of her employees. At that particular location, the safe and desk where all of the monies were counted and kept were located at the front of the store in plain sight. It was always something that I wondered about.

The second post is true. It is one of my favorite memories from my sophomore year of high school and the last summer before everyone started to move away.

Which one is True?

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I walked into the store. My former co-worker greeted me solemnly: “I guess you were right.”  We both looked at each other for a second.  A piece of cardboard still covered the hole in the glass store front window the perpetrators had created. The man was still bit fidgety and it was noticeable to everyone including himself.  I felt bad.  I could not recall how many times I told him and the rest of the employees that worked there to reconcile the revenues of the store in the store’s backroom and to turn off all of the lights as they did it.  I had even worked extra hours so that there could always be two people scheduled to close each night.  Still no one listened to me.  Everyone continued to reconcile all of the store’s monies at the large desk in front of the store.  Someone always left a half hour to a hour early before closing. “I have other things to do” was always the excuse.  Well, now they had been robbed.  Not burgled.  Robbed.  At gun point.  And I had long since transfered to another store.  I still felt bad, so here I was.  This encounter would make for a depressingly interesting night.

Oh, those were the days.  During the first summer of my family’s second move to California that took place right before the start of my sophomore year of high school, my life continued at a very enjoyable pace.  I remet a lot of friends who, much to my surprise, still lived in California.  I also met a lot of new ones. The most memorable part of the summer were all of the times that all of us, new and old friends alike, spent listening to music in one of my new friends’ garage.  This friend loved Tupac Shakur and swore that he was still alive.  He danced just like him, rapped just like him, and knew everything about him.  Being a music fan with other interests in the rap genre, he had a lot of great music, too.  Not quite as much as my friend who’s dad was a DJ, but a lot.  Some afternoons, all of us would end up gathering in his garage where we would listen to music.  Our favorite song was a rap off of Bone Thus-N-Harmony’s Art of War album.  We all called it the “gun song.”  I still do not quite have a good handle on what the song’s name actually is, but it was fairly catchy to all of us.  The chorus had the cocking and firing of a pistol as part of its melody.  It is one of those songs that you can only like as a teenager.  We would usually sit around and talk.  The friend who was a Tupac fan and his little brother would usually brag about having some friend who was a gang member or a past sexual conquest.  Our group was a mix of boys and girls which is what always made it interesting.  I definitely had a lot of fun hanging out with that crowd that summer.

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